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About me

Who am I?

Having grown up on an isolated farm in Ireland with (mostly) animals for friends, there develops a kinship and bond - and a way of communicating - with animals. Even more so, I love and understand 'special care pets' - large or timid pets - that need extra attention or may be in ill health.

I moved to Kent after a stint on Channel 4's TV show, Relocation, Relocation and renovated properties in the local area before solely focusing on my work as a professional artist. Exercise is key, and it's at this intersection between love of dogs and getting outdoors that Mr.Dogstar became a reality.


Our Happy Clients


All he wants is a walk, right?

Dogs are crazy about walkies. It drives them mad - with happiness. Imagine how they feel, getting out of the house, all those smells and fresh air, and friends along the way. And, most importantly, they are with someone they love. Humans are fairly similar, no?


Core Values

My mission: Provide an exceptional experience for people and their pets.
My vision: Add a much-needed service to pet care by not only looking after your pets, but also offering a pet care hotel for owner and pet (Pet BnB).
My values: Patience, crazy love for animals!

Comfort 98%
Love 100%
Exercise 99%